Episode Four Show Notes

Here are the two videos we’re talking about

Here’s some info about the election we discussed and the Florida recounts.


The Wikepedia Article about Johnny Depp which includes some info about his marriages:


The Grindelwald/Dumbledore relationship:




Episode Three: Show Notes

Here’s the video we’re talking about today.

Here’s the batman argument songified.

I’ve seen the brother’s dad in real life at vidcon and they’ve been in videos but it’\s actually hard to find a picture. Here’s the best I could do. They seem very nice so don’t harass them.

Picture of the Green parents.

The Proclaimers used to look like this:

Previous Proclaimers

Now they look like this:

Current Proclaimers

Here’s the video for the Walk 500 Miles Song

Here’s the raisin scene in Benny and Joon

The Cursed Child Movie is NOT a THING. It was a convincing April Fools joke that somehow missed us and, as Jasmine makes clear in the episode, she saw the poster but wasn’t terribly clear on details. To be fair, she is a very busy person and doesn’t follow very much media at all. My vague thought that it seemed like a Rick Roll is because I was definitely Rick Rolled with one of these posters last April.

Here’s a snopes article about it.

Cursed Child Movie


Episode Two Show Notes

Here’s the video we are talking about this week. Note: John very clearly says, “damn it,” when trying to pronounce the name of the Nepal Challenge.

Here’s the Twilight song video that Jasmine references when we are talking about Hank’s wife, Katherine. This video wasn’t made till 2009… so it would be a long time before we got to it at the rate we’re going.

Here’s some more information about the Looking for Alaska show that’s happening on Hulu.


And here’s some interesting information about Nepal.



Finally, I’ll leave you with some pictures of our dogs.